The Postgraduate Program in Surgical Sciences aims to prepare qualified professors for teaching in higher education and for developing autonomous research. Both levels of academic qualification available, which are the Academic’s Master and Doctorate, intend to capacitate surgeons and other professionals from related areas of knowledge, with translational interface in Surgery, considering:


a) For the Master's Degree, the development of skills and competences in various scenarios of their occupational area, in a independent and critical way, enabling the postgraduate student to solve problems of increasing complexity, preparing and teaching classes, and elaborating research projects and scientific works;


b) For the Doctor’s Degree, the development of skills competences in the student's occupational area, enabling to reflect on new situations, with the assumption of attitudes that allows the postgraduate student to integrate aspects of cognition and skills, ethical and bioethical elements, developing its line of research and independent projects, and also being able to create and consolidate groups of research, acting in the higher education and qualifying human resources.