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Academic Policy - Surgical Sciences

In order to join the Program, the student must be guided by a permanent professor, who will establish the project linked to the current research lines and the study plan, in addition to monitoring all the learning activities until the defense. The selective process for the Master degree course is annual. For the Doctorate course, the enrollment is made as a continuous flow after a selective process.


The Academic Master degree includes mandatory elective classes in their curricular programming. The Program’s teaching periods and deadlines for enrollment, withdrawal and cancellation of the subjects are established by the High Representative Board of the UFRJ.


By determination of the Committee Board of the Program, the regular Mastership and Doctorate courses have, respectively the duration of 24 (twenty-four) and 48 (forty-eight) months and both the courses can be exceptionally extended to six months, depending on the decision of the aforementioned Committee.

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